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About The Ripple Pond

About The Ripple Pond

A self-help support network for the adult family members of physically or emotionally injured Service Personnel and Veterans

The Ripple Pond was set up by two mothers of seriously wounded servicemen who recognised that no similar service existed purely for adult family members, and who found strength and comfort by sharing and supporting each other through such a unique challenge.

What sets this organisation apart is that we empower each member to seek support when they need it most, in ways that are helpful for them – whether that is via group meetings, ‘buddies’ or via a private Facebook page.

Many members are facing similar situations and The Ripple Pond gives them a safe space, both physically and mentally, to deal with them.

Whether your loved one is currently serving full time, as a reservist or a veteran, we will show you a warm welcome and support you through your challenges.



What we provide

The Ripple Pond provides avenues for self-help and support.

Different types of support are required at various times in our recovery. For example, in the middle of the night email works well; and then at other times a chat on the phone helps. If you feel you are struggling or you feel isolated, often face-to-face meetings will enable you to share your story with others who have similar experiences.

The Ripple Pond does not provide counselling, and should you require this, our team are happy to put you in touch with relevant local services.


Group meetings

These peer-led, self-help groups meet regularly with the main aim of providing a space to express feelings safely, in a non-judgemental environment, ​​where ​​everyone can be heard. The groups are here for mums, dads, spouses, siblings – indeed any adult family member who feels they would like support.

By sharing and listening in small confidential groups, our traumatic experiences begin to be processed. This all helps us move on in a more positive and pro-active way: we are taking control of our lives.  Before attending one of our meetings we will have a chat with you so that you know what to expect and our small groups mean that a very warm and personal welcome awaits you.

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“This group is a godsend, people here really get the situation we are all in, it’s different for everyone but the feelings are the same, it helps you cope and feel supported in the daily challenge we all face.”
(Mother and Ripple Pond member)


Channels of Support

We offer support between meetings via our Buddy system and secret online forum.​

The Ripple Pond operates an online forum through social media. When you become a member you will be invited to join in discussions and offer or seek support as and when you are ready.  There is never any pressure to participate in conversations.

The Buddy system works by putting members directly in contact with another member.  We look at location and situation when looking to connect members.  From there you can get to know others in your area for one on one support and sharing.


Accessing Support

To access the channels of support available you need to first become a member, this is a very easy and quick process.  We are a charity so there is no financial charge to our members.  Use our Contact Us page to send us an email and we will call you back with 24 hours (during the working week, 48 hours over the weekend) to ensure we can give you the level of support you need.



We take confidentiality very seriously.  We are not part of the chain of command and will never pass your information on to any other organisation without your consent.  When joining The Ripple Pond, you will be asked to agree to our Members Agreement.  All members are reminded that they may only share their own journeys and not those of any others, and all information shared at meetings, via telephone or on Facebook is kept strictly confidential.

Donate to The Ripple Pond

The Ripple Pond is a registered charity (Registered Charity no. 1161224/SCO46402)

Donations help to support groups and enable us to maintain links with organisations supporting injured service personnel and veterans and their families.

Donations ensure membership to The Ripple Pond remains free and accessible to all.

The Ripple Pond

A self-help support network for the adult family members of British Service Personnel and Veterans
01252 913021

Registered Charity Number 1161224
Scottish Charity Number SC046402

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