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The Remembrance poppy begins to be seen throughout the country and on the media. For awhile The Ripple Pond have been talking of Remembrance, how it ties in with how we operate as a charity, who we meet and what our members use to describe what they are going through.

What connected them all were ‘words’.

Simply put, everyone was trying to describe what it is they were feeling, going through and have been through – positive and negative. So we have drawn up a poster campaign of 100 Years 100 Words where we have asked members to send in words they feel describe them, the injury, their circumstances….anything relating to how they use the words in their posts/meetings. We also asked them to think about how those words might be recognised by family members 100 years ago going through similar confusion when their (mostly) men came home from a war to end all wars.

We wanted to show that families walk alongside these injuries. The words that the members have used are not all angry, but of hurt, sadness, pride, confusion and the want to hope.

You can follow our posts with some beautiful images on our Facebook page, The Ripple Pond, and on Twitter @TheRipplePond, up until 12th November.

We Will Remember Them.