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On Saturday 25th June our amazing team of hikers undertook the 3 Peaks Challenge, climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Peak and Mount Snowden in less than 24 hours.

starting blocks


With the beautiful British weather at its best the previous week, the team left the ‘go’ call to the last minute to ensure the conditions would be optimum for the climbing and travelling.  With the weather forecast as neither too hot nor too wet, the call was made to go ahead.  Unfortunately, one team member, Eddy, had been taken ill the previous week and the decision was made it was unwise for him to complete the challenge.  A massive blow for Eddie personally and the team, but a sensible decision.  Luckily the team had a backup in the form of Mr Matt Stevens.  An amazing offer and effort from Matt, thank you so much for stepping in!





Cl1Ib08WkAAbOHDAt 8.45am on Saturday 25th June the team left their base for the night to travel to Ben Nevis for their first hike.  The stop watch was started at 5.30pm as they took their first step on the 4,409 feet of Scottish Highland.  The aim was to finish by 10pm but this initial leg too slightly longer than anticipated.  The team, now on the back foot, knew they had time to make up.



Cl3MT4ZWgAAt9IrSafely back in the car and on their way to Scarfell Point, some of the team managed to get their heads down for some rest before starting the second leg of their adventure.  They scaled the 3,209ft of Scafell Pike faster than expected and were back on the road around 8.30am and on to their final destination: Mount Snowden.



Cl5PzlIXIAAnV-GCl5Pz5SWkAA3beq3,560ft of soggy Welsh terrain couldn’t stop our team from completing their challenge in an amazing time of 23 hours 57 minutes and 41 seconds.



We can’t express our thanks enough to the team for supporting The Ripple Pond, both by raising money and by spreading the word of the work we do.  The Ripple Pond shouldn’t have to exist, but we do and we are determined to offer the best support we can to those who need us most.



Challenge successful.

An amazing amount has been raised by the team so far, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated.  If you would still like to donate please go to: to