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5 Minutes x 5 Questions with Travel Writer Alastair Sawday

Each month we’re asking people who are either involved with The Ripple Pond or who we’ve met on our travels, for an insight into what makes them tick, what inspired them and why.

Whether we look back at our childhood holidays or even more recent breaks, holidays for many members may not be looked forward to with as much excitement as others. If we are caring for a physical injury or a mental trauma, packing bags and jetting off may no longer be an option. Many precautions need to be put in place; phone calls need to be made to find suitable destinations or rooms. It’s exhausting before you’ve even left…and this is only if our loved one is able to or even wants to come. Over the summer we asked Sawday’s Travel Writer how he copes and what his next challenges are.

1). What is your top tip to keep holiday stress to a minimum? Don’t fly and don’t bring a computer!

2). What do you never travel without? A decent, small rucksack and a length of strong twine.

3). Which of your destinations did you find, personally, the most peaceful? The Lot region of France

4). Who or what inspired you to travel from a young age? My mother. She used to take us on trips to France in the 50’s

5). What is your next personal challenge you hope to achieve by the end of the year? To go on a pilgrimage within Britain