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5 Minutes x 5 Questions with Anthony Gauvain, Co-founder and chairman of PTSD Resolution

Each month we’re asking people who are either involved with The Ripple Pond or who we’ve met on our travels, for an insight into what makes them tick, what inspired them and why.

This month Chairman and co-founder of PTSD Resolution takes a few minutes to reflect on his contribution to this supporting charity, why it was necessary to set up and why his experiences are suited to how they drive this charity forward.

1). How did you become involved with PTSD Resolution?  I and a colleague realised that our training in Human Givens Counselling and Psychotherapy could usefully be applied to ex-servicemen and women who had been on operations and have been exposed to traumatic experiences.  So, in 2009 we started the charity PTSD Resolution, to refer clients to any of the 200 other Human Givens therapists on the register.

2). How do your military skills transfer to the work you do with PTSD Resolution?  I have experience of military operations.  I am a retired Colonel, trained in command and staff work.

3). Looking back what is the most adventurous thing you have done?  Commanding Arab soldiers in the Trucial Oman Scouts

4). What is your next personal challenge?  To find a successor and retire gracefully

5). What do you do to step back from the pressures of day to day? Travel, countryside, local affairs, theatre

PTSD Resolution is a charity for UK Forces Veterans Mental Health.