I stumbled upon The Ripple Pond at a time when I desperately needed help and support living with my husband with PTSD. His illness had got so bad that I was at the end of my tether, trying to juggle being a good Mum and keeping myself healthy so that I could be the supportive wife too. It’s pretty much impossible to do all of this unless you are Wonderwoman. Support from The Ripple Pond’s online Facebook group has been an amazing method of support. I felt relieved that I was no longer suffering on my own and could vent in the group and receive comments of support and encouragement. It didn’t really matter if someone couldn’t help – it was the fact that there were people feeling just like me. As a spouse of a service person who has been wounded in service, there is nothing put in place to offer us help, I have had to seek help and support on my own. Suffering from anxiety which yes, is attributable to my husband’s illness has made life difficult. The NHS refused my request for counselling. I firmly believe that when any service person is diagnosed with PTSD, the whole family should be offered help, not left to fend for themselves when they may not even know where to start. I am a veteran myself so was pretty clued up but that is not always the case for all. Support from The Ripple Pond is fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough for people in my position. I am grateful daily that I made that phone call.