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Handover of Director

Today The Ripple Pond said a fond farewell to Wullie Ritchie as Director and welcomed Nigel Bedford as his replacement.

Wullie was at the helm of The Ripple Pond for three years and helped steer and grow the charity from its early days to the strong, vibrant and nationally well-known support network that it has become.  Mark Houghton, Chairman of the Trustees said: “There is no doubt in my mind that The Ripple Pond would not be where it is today without Wullie’s immense contribution.  He has worked tirelessly to promote the charity and, just as importantly, to ensure it has the financial support and governance it needs to operate effectively.  Thank you Wullie!”.

His successor as Director, Nigel Bedford, served for 24 years in the British Army, retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1998.  In 2016, he set up a charity for impaired military veterans but quickly became aware of how much benefit the family members got as well from the veteran’s involvement.  He said: “When the opportunity to work with The Ripple Pond came about, this seemed a natural step forward from what my previous charity was doing informally, and I am absolutely delighted now to be part of this truly inspirational group.”