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A supporter of The Ripple Pond has chosen to ‘Go Dry’ for 3 Months to raise essential funds.

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday evening or a beer down the local with friends on a Saturday.  Even more so when the summer months bring balls and parties, BBQ’s and lazy Sunday afternoons.  For one man, Mr David Young, the past 3 months have brought beer resizenot an ice cold bottle of beer after cutting the grass, but a refreshing bottle of water.  Not a G&T after work on a Friday but a lime and soda.  For (nearly) 3 months now Mr Young has been designated driver and stayed clear of the booze in a bid to ‘Go Dry’, all in support of The Ripple Pond.

Many of our supporters will know we have been going through the process of redesigning and printing new literature to ensure we can continue to spread the word and reach those in need of The Ripple Pond network.  Dave’s considerable efforts mean we can continue to reach out and offer support to the adult family members of physically or emotionally injured Service Personnel and Veterans, who might not otherwise be receiving any support.  People who’s lives have been changed through the service their loved one provided to the country.

Dave is doing this as a sponsored event, we would like to invite you all to show your support where possible.  Words of encouragement via Facebook ( or Twitter ( or even a small donation if at all possible:

Mr David Young, from all the members who you will never meet but will benefit on a daily basis from knowing they are not isolated in their struggles, who are often reaching a physical and emotional breaking point, who’s lives have changed forever, we thank you.