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Welcome to the first of our quarterly Organisational Newsletters. Since our Christmas message reflecting on 2017, we realised we had seen the busiest few weeks that The Ripple Pond has had. However, coming to the end of our first quarter we continue to see steady growth and the rising need for our services even in the current climate where other military charities have started to focus on family support groups. New members average between 15-20 per month. We currently support well over 500 families who are struggling to cope. This has in part been helped by wider exposure to media, increased attendance at events and fairs, and other organisations like Veteran’s Gateway and Cobseo doing their part. We have had some great articles, for example, in the Blesma Bulletin, and now the latest edition of Soldier Magazine is running an article about Major Hay and The Ripple Pond – see more below.

This is a great step for us as an organisation and for those trying to access support.

Farewells and Welcomes
The Ripple Pond is saying farewell and thank 
you to two of our Patrons, Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes and Sue Hawkins, for their energy and advice over the years. Jamie will be ending his involvement in military and veteran mental health altogether and co-founder Sue Hawkins is stepping down to concentrate on personal projects and family. Mark Houghton, The Ripple Pond chairman, has expressed these words ‘an enormous thank you from me on behalf of the Trustees for your support and contributions to all aspects of the Ripple Pond as a Patron…. your advice and guidance have been invaluable and you have helped give the charity credibility and direction’.

We are pleased to announce that we have two new members of staff. They form the new Beneficiary Team. This new team leads a focus on new members and on forming more accessible groups in the Midlands, Wales and The North, and bettering those areas that we currently serve. Lynne Wigmore and Gemma Proctor have hit the ground running, bringing their enthusiasm and ideas, establishing good foundations for the future.


Marathon des Sables
Jeremy Hay, the husband of our Media and Marketing Administrator, has taken on an immense task on behalf of The Ripple Pond. At the start of April he will be competing in the world’s toughest footrace on earth – The ‘Marathon des Sables‘ – a six day, 251 km (156 miles) ultra marathon in the Sahara Desert, running the equivalent of six regular marathons back-to-back. The longest single stage is 91 km (57 miles) long.
“I am entering this challenge to highlight what numerous British Forces families cope with: family members often support a veteran or someone still serving who is suffering with physical and emotional injuries due to their military service. PTSD, depression, and anxiety are not only suffered by the injured party but can vicariously happen to those who are caring for them day-to-day. I am running with these families in mind.”

As a serving officer in the King’s Royal Hussars regiment, he has seen how families can be affected but also how peer support among his soldiers gets them through tougher days. “Peer support is key. We wouldn’t survive if we couldn’t rely on each other”.


Please sponsor Jeremy and The Ripple Pond on this exceptionally gruelling lifestyle choice JEREMY’S 6 x 6 MARATHONS
Going Forward…

The Ripple Pond 100 is a recent endeavour to collaborate with local businesses and enterprise leaders to support us over set periods of time. This enables continued local support for Ripple Pond families. If you would like to know more please contact The Ripple Pond director, Wullie Ritchie:

Thanks to all our current sponsors including Armed Forces Covenant and more recently, LIBORABFand TRBL funding. We look forward to building on the presence we currently have in Hampshire. So far this funding has helped reach out to many local organisations and Garrison Welfare teams through events and direct meetings. With easy access to Wiltshire and the Tidworth Garrison ‘Super-Base’ we hope to increase awareness in that area.

The continued support of all our sponsors is making a direct impact on current members and those who are still looking for an organisation to help them. The need is there – every day we speak to those who still sigh with relief at having found The Ripple Pond. This is made possible by all our generous sponsors, among them, Annington and Wates.

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