We truly believe that we can’t provide you with the support you deserve, unless we’re providing each other with the same – and that’s exactly how Team TRP operates on a daily basis.

As a team, we’re passionate about working together with other organisations and charities, because we firmly believe that the “community over competition” approach is key to providing Forces families with the strongest support system possible.


If you’d like to have a chat about what we do, and how we can work together, please do get in touch. We’re always more than happy to speak at conferences or networking events too, so don’t be afraid to ask! 



A man is shown, from the waist up, grinning into the camera as a black and white spaniel licks his left cheek

Before joining The Ripple Pond, Rodger was Head of Operations for Thrive, a charity that provides Social and Therapeutic Horticulture.


Rodger’s first career was with the British Army, serving with 29 Commando Regiment, before moving on to the police for almost 30 years. On retiring from the police, he went on to work for both The Royal British Legion and SSAFA.


Rodger is dedicated to serving the Armed Forces Community, and making a real positive difference to peoples’ lives.


Rodger’s role as the Director is multi-layered, including working with the Board of Trustee to develop and implement strategy, managing the day-to-day running of the charity, and making sure that the services we provide meet our members’ needs.


Outside of work, Rodger spends his time focused on family, dogs, his new kitten, a seemingly never-ending list of “household jobs” and a love of the arts and military history.



Operations Manager

Gemma manages the operational team, to ensure that we are always best meeting the needs of those we support, and is often out and about meeting new contacts and co-ordinating our partnerships with Op COURAGE and The Poppy Factory.

As our safeguarding lead, Gemma is responsible for ensuring that our members always feel safe, and that the information they share with us is confidential, and she also manages the volunteer programme that allows us to offer one to one support.

When Gemma isn’t working, you’ll find her either with her dog called Simon, surrounded by her much-loved chickens, or out sailing the open seas in her RIB!


Member Support Officer

Karen is our member guru.

She is always chatting on the phone, either helping new members to realise that they aren’t alone and putting them on the right support path; or talking to existing members who are looking for extra support or are just in need of a chat.


Karen is always on the go – both in and out of work – with most of her spare time taken up by cheering her two boys on at their various football matches, or spending some much-needed down time with her family in their touring caravan.


Service delivery & Development Officer

Jade spends the majority of her time networking with external organisations, making them aware of our services and highlighting issues faced by family members.

Jade is also a point of contact for members, both new and existing, as well as being the queen of organisation – Jade arranges our regular member events, such as talks and workshops, and is always looking for new ways of helping our members to rebuild confidence or learn new skills.

Jade is part of a serving military family, and is often busy with her three children and two dogs.

isla strathdee

Member Service Delivery Officer

Our Member Service Delivery Officers work in collaboration with Op COURAGE Midlands, to create pathways for families and carers to be supported by The Ripple Pond.

Isla’s professional background is in charity and social care, most recently supporting victims of Domestic Violence and Modern Slavery.
Isla is passionate about human rights, striving to ensure that everyone is given a space to be seen and heard.

Isla is based in the South East with her military partner and their two dogs, Billy and Rufus, and two cats, Basil and Gus!

emma cliff

Member Service Delivery Officer

Emma is both a veteran and the wife of an injured veteran, so she has a wealth of lived experience and knowledge to help support members. Professionally, Emma has a background in education, with a passion for understanding the diverse and changing needs of children and young people; particularly focussing on their mental health and well-being.


In her spare time, Emma enjoys running and cycling around the Welsh countryside, listening to a wide range of music and spending time with her husband and young son.

sarah parkinson

Member Service Delivery Officer

Sarah has been a member of The Ripple Pond for over 5 years, as the main carer for her husband, and so understands the journey personally. She has a wealth of experience in pastoral care and loves coming alongside people.


Sarah has three children, and a Labrador called Sherlock. Outside of work she can mostly be found with a good cup of coffee in hand, juggling the craziness of family. She loves walking the dog, listening to a podcast or doing something creative.


misty mccready

Marketing & Communications Officer

Misty* is responsible for all of our marketing – both traditional and digital – and is the “voice” of TRP on our social media platforms… so it’s probably just as well that she’s pretty used to talking, having come to us after spending seven years working in broadcasting!

Misty was born overseas into a serving military family, and has been a “dependant” (as much as she dislikes the word!) ever since. She has been lucky enough to have spent half of her life living overseas – thanks to both her Dad and her husband – and is currently settled in the South West… until the next posting order comes through!

Outside of work, Misty can usually be found near the kettle, listening to music that’s far too loud, or outside filling her camera roll with yet more photos of the sky and/or cows.

* Yes, it is her real name!