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We are now COBSEO accredited.

Cobseo, the Confederation of Service Charities, is there to represent, promote and highlight the interests of the Armed Forces Community

It allows The Ripple Pond to collaborate through training, forums and events to further the welfare within the Tri Forces arena within the specific categories they have set up. For example, we will be prominent within the ‘Welfare, Health & Wellbeing Cluster’

It provides a single point of contact for interaction with Government, (local and Devolved Administrations), the Royal Household, the Private Sector and with other members of the Armed Forces Community.  We look forward to working with them.


Charity Begins at Home

The demand that The Ripple Pond is meeting this spring alone has exceeded expectations. The new member total has jumped from 232 at the end of April 2016 to 415 for the same period this year.

We’ve seen almost a new member for every working day this month.  The onus on us, therefore, is the pressure to develop the charity in a more financially secure way.
All of us are in a position to take up the challenge of developing new funding avenues, as the justification to support our beneficiaries is clear. The recent team discussions have proved fruitful and prompted a fresh look at industries to partner with so we can evolve to meet our growing demands.

In-House, what can staff, Founders, Trustees and Patrons do to raise The Ripple Pond’s profile, raise funds and challenge ourselves? What avenues are we able to explore?

The coming months’ focus for our beneficiaries is also to develop personal growth through challenges. What can they do to empower themselves – publically or privately.

By setting challenges between themselves, with their buddy or alone it re-enforces that unique framework that The Ripple Pond has in place – Group Meetings, Buddy System and the Online Forum – and celebrating small achievements is exactly what we hope they can accomplish

Co-Founder Julia Molony for organizing a fund-raising wine tasting event, open to all, members, their families and friends included, at The Nuffield Brighton Hospital raising £1000.

Also to ASDA Weston-Super- Mare raising £200 after a member nominated The Ripple Pond as their fundraising choice.  


KIM HAY – Kim comes to us after a few years posted abroad. Her background is in Sales and Marketing at Phaidon Press Ltd.  Subsequently developing Social Media Marketing as a freelancer through DigitalMums, it has brought her experience as an army wife and her career into one fold. The Ripple Pond welcomes her to bring the brand forward and promoting it in the wider Armed Forces charitable arena.

NICHOLAS GORDON – Welcoming one our newest Trustees.

He brings with him diverse experience from within a competitive financial environment at Barclays. He will no doubt be able to share fresh observations on the tough marketplace that is the charitable sector and potential funding pathways open to us. The Ripple Pond will benefit enormously from his input as we develop to create a strong, marketable strategy to move this charity forward.

Kim’s Super Sprint

The Marketing and Media Administrator is taking up the fundraising challenge! On June 4th, Kim took part in the Blenheim Palace Super Sprint – 400m swim, 13km bike, 2.5km run.

“I’m not really a runner. Biking, meh and swimming…well I was captain of the school swim team but that was a long, long time ago! But I’m hitting late 30’s (shhh) and it was time for a challenge…”

I’ve seen first-hand how the fallout from emotional or physical injuries affect Forces families like you and I.

It doesn’t discriminate it just deteriorates from within. Any donation will go to a good place.

You can still donate to support Kim’s challenge for The Ripple Pond via:

Donate HERE for Kim’s Challenge!

Direct Impact

How Beneficiaries Benefit

We recently went to the Garrison Welfare Forum in Aldershot to talk about how The Ripple Pond works. Many saw for the first time how the fallout from injuries lands hard on the carers or loved ones.

We showed that the completely unique aspects about this charity – the Peer-Led Groups, the Buddy System & Secret Forum – directly and positively impacts families.

How? The point of all the ‘platforms’ is to eventually create coping mechanisms to empower those who care for injured family. They will take decisions, supported by peers, who fully understand the upheaval these types of injuries incur.

They will then develop the confidence to see their decisions through. The Secret Forum continuously shows how each member is scaffolded by their peers through some desperate moments – often the daily impact of verbal or physical abuse.

It is essential that we all understand the importance of what The Ripple Pond means to each individual and the enormous positive impact we have for people often silently coping.