Peer support specialists for military families of British service personnel and veterans who are living with a physical injury or mental illness.

The Ripple Pond are grateful to those volunteers who give their time to us to help support our members.

 They have all come to us with a wealth of work and life experience, and have completed the specific training for this new role with flying colours.  

This higher level of support is so important to people who, at a particular time in their lives, face obstacles and need that helping hand and listening ear to help them along their way.   

The Mentor and Mentee work together to face these obstacles – they address them where possible and refer to specialist organisations when needed.  That regular contact and support is vital to family members who often don’t know which way to turn.

Thank you to our Peer Mentors for their time, commitment, enthusiasm and empathy.  They are providing an invaluable service we would not be able to offer without them and we are incredibly grateful.


Vicky has a background in youth work, childcare and mental health. She has spent all of her career in people focused jobs and loves it! Vicky’s passion in life is celebrating diversity and this is reflected in her life and work. Vicky grew up in Northern Ireland and although not from a military background she grew up with a military presence in her everyday life. Vicky is excited to be part of The Ripple Pond’s work.


Stacey grew up in a military background, travelling abroad while younger. She got the military bug and joined the Royal Army Dental Corps at 17; fast forward 23 years and she is on her final tour before finishing her career next year. Communication is what Stacey does best and she loves the amount of interaction that she gets in her current role, both with patients and team members. Stacey is married to an ex serving soldier. Her and her family spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors either cycling or walking. She can always be found on a Saturday at the football side-line watching her twin girls playing football.


Kate is always on the go! Whether that be as a mother, a volunteer to various military organisations or sitting on the board within NHS England as a voice for veterans and their families. Kate’s husband is a veteran of the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards. When Kate does get a minute to herself, she enjoys singing with the Military Wives choir or just sitting down with a cuppa and some chocolate!