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The Ripple Pond is asking its members, staff, trustees and patrons to join our Pick A Pledge Campaign. It is a simple campaign to highlight the physical and mental strength that we get from even small challenges and how The Ripple Pond gives strength to its members.

September 27th 2017 is National Fitness Day. This is NOT to get us all running 10k(!!) but rather it’s proving that our core holds more than we think. The Ripple Pond’s core, and that of its members, is about mental strength as well as physical. These challenges are about what we put our mind to as well as our body.  August 27th – September 27th is a great opportunity to take control of something for yourself, perhaps step out of your day-to-day routine and to prove to yourself that you can do this…

Here are some suggested Pledges for what you could do with a buddy or by yourself

  • Match a distance with your Buddy or another member – Is there a sporting challenge that you can do with your buddy, a 5k/10k run? Physical fitness has the double whammy of making you feel good (afterwards!) and build up physical strength too. Also more fun in pairs.
  • Join a local Ramblers walk with your family, your buddy or a friend and discover over 2300 routes this summer. Tell them you are walking/joining for The Ripple Pond and how this is part of your challenge.
  • Walk to Work. Discover a scenic route to work and enjoy the time out
  • Buddy Challenge 1 – go a month without coffee/chocolate/cigarette/ together with your Buddy.
  • Buddy Challenge 2 – Start something new together. Running/a book/recipe box/biking/hiking.
  • Make an Incredible Cake & raffle it off – Offer your friends a fantastic cake, follow the recipe and raffle it off. Winner gets a delicious cake all to themselves (or to share…?)
  • Host a coffee morning for your community
  • Digital detox week!! – This is harder but it can work. Only connect to your work/personal emails via your desk during work hours (0830-1700). Once you leave the office, switch off your phones. On your commute home take in your surroundings, observe people around you, maybe even talk to one, read a physical newspaper/book, rather than a kindle, in the evenings don’t turn on the TV or iPads but talk to your family, organise a theatre trip/join the pub quiz/go for a stroll instead. Tell people you are on a digital detox week and any contact with you should be done during work hours.  Monday – Sunday.  You can do this!! (it feels amazing, trust me!)
  • Get on your bikes. The National Cycle Network offers some great family routes:
  • Find a walk to do nearby with your family and spend the day before planning a picnic, things you might see….