There aren’t many charities who can say that their Trustees are willing to go the extra mile and (literally) pound the streets for them… but we aren’t like other charities. We’re the lucky ones.

Not only did our Board member, Simon Broomfield, run an entire Marathon to raise funds for us, he even managed to raise awareness of our work whilst he was running! Now that’s trustee support. Update 1 came in at the 10km mark:
“On schedule, not feeling too bad. If you can, please share, like or even donate. I’m not really gonna be able to copy it and all that sort of stuff, but it’s on my feed. Please do anything you can just to raise awareness for The Ripple Pond, and the work they do supporting the adult family members of Serving personnel or veterans who have been injured or suffered mental ill-health due to their Service. Thank you! Another update coming in about an hour…”
True to his word, Simon kept us updated throughout his mammoth 26.2 mile route round Southampton – not only did he share regular videos, he even managed to plug our work and his fundraising!
If you’re wondering why on earth a Trustee would feel compelled to push themselves to these extremes, Simon’s own words sum it up perfectly:
“Having been seriously injured myself in 2010, I have seen first hand the impact an injury can have on the family (although I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time).
Support is outstanding for the injured Service Person, but their families – who provide the vital emotional support – are often left to deal with the impacts of the situation on their lives, with little or no assistance or guidance. This can make supporting someone challenging and isolating and have an impact on their own mental wellbeing.

This is where The Ripple Pond comes in, as the only UK charity focused on supporting the families of those who were physically injured or are living with Mental ill health as a result of their service. Every donation will help deliver this vital work.”

As a Serving member of the Armed Forces, with lived experience of how essential our work can be, Simon truly “gets” us.

If we asked anyone else to run the full 26.2 miles of Southampton Marathon emblazoned with our branding, and talking about us the whole way round, we probably wouldn’t get the answer we were hoping for…

But we didn’t even have to ask Simon. This was all his idea, and we’re so, so grateful for his unwavering support.

trustee support like no other for The Ripple Pond

Thank you, Simon!

If you’d like to support Simon’s fundraising, and add to the £810 total that he’s already raised, you can do so on his fundraising page.

As a small charity, every penny we receive makes a big difference. Your donations allow us to continue supporting the adult family members of physically and mentally-injured Service personnel and veterans; a community which is all too often overlooked.