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This week a Ripple Pond Member sadly told us the news that her partner had decided to take his own life. He was no longer serving in the Armed Forces but had left carrying emotional injuries that his family were also living alongside. Family members are privy to private moments of pain that can leave an impact on them too. Although the person with the injury – be it a physical wound or a mental one – is perhaps the main focus of social and medical care, the family witnesses the increasing impact the injury on their loved one, and this affects them enormously.

On our online group page, having read some of the posts over this last week, (with this week particularly having a very tragic situation), it is also worth noting how brave and strong these Members are to support one another in so many situations.

When a peer asks for help or needs advice, many are there to share kind words and unique life lessons. There are some rough weeks coming up, darker nights, half term, bonfire night, Halloween and the Big One – Remembrance. But remembering that no matter how exhausted they might feel, especially with young or teenage kids, Member friends are always here for one another.

“I’ve only been in the group a few weeks but it’s helping me heal so muc. At the time I thought it destroyed me.. but here I am still going. We had some really sad news in the group and there were so many kind words of support, this group is invaluable and well done to everyone who created it”.

So we also take this opportunity to thank those who provide The Ripple Pond with much needed and continued funds for a safe space where families can seek support, information and help.

So THANK YOU Annington, Wates Giving, RAFBF, LIBOR, ABF, Armed Forces Covenant Fund, Greenwich Hospital, RNRMC, Veteran’s Foundation and Royal British Legion. Because of your help, The Ripple Pond can enable more than you perhaps know.