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A donation of £1000 has been kindly made by the Vodafone Community Connection Award to The Ripple Pond.


The Vodafone Community Connection Award is a monthly award given to deserving charities and organisations who make a positive impact on the local area.

In June, Vodafone Grimsby nominated The Ripple Pond for the work we do in supporting our members through times of difficulty.

We can’t thank the Vodafone Grimsby staff enough for thinking of us and recognising the need to support those whose loved one has been injured in the line of duty.  All of our members are going through life changing experiences, often feeling alone and isolated.  The Ripple Pond ensures non of our members have to go through these life changes alone.

All donations are used to ensure the continued support of our existing members as well as to reach out further to those currently having to cope alone.

Thank you to the staff pictured and to Ripple Pond member Claudia and her husband for going along to the photo opportunity.

For more information on the Vodafone Community Connection Award please see:  vodafone-community-connection-awards